Skinned songs​.​.​.​naked sound

by X-Ray Life

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released December 15, 2013

All songs by X-Ray Life, originally edited in the album "X-Ray Life" – 2012, Atomic Stuff Records
Unplugged arrangements by X-Ray Life

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mattia Briggi at "Machine gun studio" in Venice.
Produced by X-Ray Life – Cover designed by Francesco Zanardo

X-Ray Life are:
Mattia Briggi – Voice, acoustic guitar, piano
Alberto Biason – Acoustic guitar
Giovanni Zanardo – Acoustic guitar
Matteo Rugliancich – Bass
Matteo Boranga – Drum and tambourine



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X-Ray Life Venice, Italy

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Track Name: Machine-gun Kelly (unplugged)

Babe, I've got the blood of a demon in my veins
I've got the eyes like the people insane
I've got no time for your lips today
oh yeah my slave
I don't want the grace
I don't want a chase
I'don't want a breake slave

Have u ever been on sale?
But it's true that sometimes of me i'm proud
Hey have u ever been a slave?
But it's true that sometimes with me u could die

Hey I don't love my face
I don't love my age
I don't love my name
I don't love to smile in the pics
Hey my slave
I don't want the grace
I don't want a chase
I don't want a breake
it's not a race

Let me go
it's my life
and i need to live
All my friends
I've got inside
but not by my side

I don't want to have my safe
I want you sad n' insane
I want you in the shade
I want you away
I want you........slave
Track Name: Everyone is a star (unplugged)

You had told me
"Are you low?"
You had told me
"Take your gun"
You had told me
"All or none"
You had told me
"What have you done?"

Only I need to stop

You had told me
"Are you dumb?"
You had told me
"Take your gun"
You had told me
"No more time"
You had told me
"Start to fly"

Only I need to stop

And everyone is a star
am I as everyone?
Track Name: Hey (unplugged)

Hey, hey
I don't remember if you want to be insane
alcohol, clorine and divine propane
Hey, hey
I don't remember what is your game
Livin' on drugs and fuckin' for cash
sleepin' in trash and snorin' ashes
Claps and Smiles
I dope my days
Ohh yeaaa

Hey, hey
please give me something for my big hate
Hey, hey
I wanna destroy
Whatever I pray
Hey, hey
I watch my future passing away
And I take a little plastic, elastic dimension
correlated words in a lesson
Claps and smiles
I dope my days

I Wanna Live like a rock star
I love money
I wanna live like a fucked rock star now
Oh yeaaa

We are ready to go
Track Name: Devil on earth (unplugged)

You take a look
if you never pray
And you don't know
if you should stay
I think you go
if you don't want to die
This in not
one of your fucked lies
Now your life is passed anyway
and you can't modify
that stupid mistake
I'll come on you
I Will come inside
I Will eat your soul

I'm a devil on earth
and I love to destroy your life

And now you think that you could go away
and if you think to have another day
There is no way
no, there is no way
and now you won't forget your name
I'm a priest of 21th century damnation
sex mixed with every other temptation
Strip now your soul
lick now my salt
bring me down to hell tonight

If you believe in god
it's only a lie
it's all a big mistake yehaa
I'm allah
a messiah

I'm a devil on earth
To love
To Hate
I like
Track Name: Charlie the shepherd (unplugged)

Fuck you man
Turning your head

If I could vomit on your eyes

Kickin' your ass
show you man!
Spittin' on your face
I try again

If I could vomit on your eyes
If one day, maybe one day
If one day I need you
I don't know

Pray you

I don't mind